Top 10 Largest Companies In Massachusetts

If you want to work for the best, then one of the biggest companies in Massachusetts might have a spot just waiting for you. There are plenty of niche opportunities, from medicine to cloud technologies and beyond, and every one of these incredible businesses is designed to give a new hire all the tools they need to succeed. You just have to take the first step and apply.

Let’s get started:

1. Hubspot

Hubspot has a global reach in the inbound marketing software game. They reach over 60000 customers in more the 100 countries, and employ upwards of 1926 employees, ready to service their customers. Leaders in the software industry, Hubspot has topped the Biggest Companies in Massachusetts list for several years in a row. They are headquartered in Cambridge, just outside of Boston.

2. UKG

We imagine you have heard of Kronos Incorporated, a leader in workforce management solutions, amongst many other things. Now, Kronos Inc. has rebranded as UKG and has upped their talents. Now they not only do plenty in workforce management but also specialize in what is known as human capital management. Basically, they have a cloud-based hiring matrix that gives employers only the right candidates. They have 4091 employees and are based in Lowell, Mass.

3. Akamai Technologies Inc.

Have you ever wondered if the cloud was safe for your storage? That is exactly what Akamai does. They are a security firm that delivers, optimizes, and secures your cloud content. They make sure connecting to the digital world is easy but safe, and even have 24/7 customer support. At last count, this cloud-based security firm had 3500 employees, many living near the corporate headquarters in Cambridge.

4. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Harvard usually evokes thoughts of high tuitions and limited access. When you use the not-for-profit health care options from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, it is quite the opposite. Of the Biggest Companies in Massachusetts, this is probably the most benevolent. They strive to always find ways to improve the quality and value of their health care product for the people they serve. The 1400 employees are always looking for ways to cut costs, while always giving the best options to the people of Wellesley and surrounding communities.


If you want to work for a company that is designed to improve customer relations with business interests, then is perfect for you. They believe customer understanding starts with business transparency and they help both sides to communicate effectively. There is no higher standard in customer service. And the 26000 employees would agree with that. It is based in San Francisco, California, but much of the remote work affects Massachusetts in a sizable way.

6. Foundation Medicine, Inc.

Is your passion for cancer medicine and research to finally cure this disease once and for all? Foundation Medicine is in that business and they are always looking for the passion to find a cure. This molecular information company is working to find new treatments with fewer side effects. They have a staff of 1526 dedicated folks and are based in Cambridge, Mass.

7. Dell Technologies

Few names are as well known in the computer business as Dell. They make hardware and software designed to propel humanity forward and inspire human progress. They have offices in Hopkinton, Mass, and Round Rock, Texas. Many of their just shy of 53000 employees live near one of these locations.

8. Rockland Trust Independent Bank Corp.

At Rockland Trust, their job is to make banking easy, and they do it very well. They have individual as well as commercial services, as well as insurance services, investment mentoring, and plenty of branches for your convenience. They employ a smiling staff of 1469 and are based in Hanover, Mass. For all your banking needs, there is a reason Rockland Trust is on the list of the Biggest Companies in Massachusetts.

9. Sun Life Financial

For peace of mind when planning for the future, Sun Life Financial Services is ready to help. They are experts in solutions to give you lifetime financial security, as well as insurance options with very comfortable benefit packages. For a financial service, they cover a much wider scope than the competition, which is why 3450 people choose to call Sun Life home. They are based out of Wellesley, Mass.

10. Vertex Pharmaceuticals

It can’t be a top ten list without a pharma company, and we have a tremendous one. Vertex doesn’t just sit on their hands and sell the same stuff they have for years. They innovate and transform medicines, making them more cost-efficient with fewer side effects. Their mission is to focus on serious, even life-threatening, diseases, and find medications that can help, or even in some cases, cure the disease completely. You might call the 2639 employees at Vertex angels for making this their goal, but they are happy to tell you they are just doing their job. Vertex is based in Boston.

Wrapping it all up!

With MIT and Harvard law close to some of these businesses, it makes sense that tech and medicine are on the list. Massachusetts has always been a hub for higher education and the highest standards of employment. If you are thinking about applying to one of these businesses, you need to have great ambition, as well as a well-polished resume. The opportunities to work for any of these will open doors for you for the rest of your working life. If you get in, don’t take it for granted. You have arrived.

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