5 Fun Reasons to Get Your Hands Messy

You’ve probably heard about painting studios by now. If you surf the web or spend any kind of time on Facebook, you’ve likely heard of Painting with a Twist, at the very least. Maybe you’re wondering what these places are. You’re not alone. A painting experience studio is a place where a crew of dedicated painters will guide you through the steps of painting a specific painting. Usually to some light music and tasty wine too. All you do is visit the website, choose the painting you want to create, and attend the studio at the designated time.

Sounds fun, right? That’s because it is! Painting studios and other experiences like them are taking New England by storm, and there’s a good reason for that. Well, several good reasons, to be frank. Let’s talk about why more and more folks are getting elbow deep into paints and why you should too.

1. Perhaps the most compelling reason of all is that painting studios are fun and safe environments for family fun.

Many studios have dedicated children’s events, sans the wine and featuring beginner level paintings. For adults though, let’s keep the wine and have some laughs. No matter the age, painting studios are a great choice for family events, and unlike most other entertainment, everyone walks away with something.

2. Today’s entertainment landscape is all about instant gratification.

You go to a movie or a dinner, you get what you pay for, and then that’s it. Nothing to take home to show for the money spent – except for occasional leftovers. Painting studios are the exact opposite of that. Not only do you put in time to create something new and beautiful, but when it’s all finished, you have a painting to take home and hang on the wall. It’s something to see and touch and made by your own two hands. That’s hard to compete with.

3. No matter the occasion, no matter the weather, there’s never a bad time to visit your local painting studio.

It can be sunny, rainy, snowy. Day time or night time. You can be with friends and family, or alone for a few hours. It doesn’t matter. There’s never a bad time to visit a painting studio. They’re indoors, heated or cooled as the weather demands, and already loaded up with all the supplies you need to bring your imagination to life.

4. The nature of a painting studio is ripe for meeting other friendly people.

Let’s face it, you go into a studio, there’s music, wine, and instructors moving among everyone. Conversations are just going to happen. Laughs are going to be had. In fact, we issue a challenge to attend a painting studio without meeting at least one other person. Chances are that you’re going to make a friend or two who share your interest in paints, or just looking for new experiences like you. It’s hard to beat an activity that pretty much guarantees that you’ll make a friend.

5. Family fun, creativity, perfect for any occasion, and you get to walk away with a painting and probably a friend?

Let’s get real, this stuff practically sells itself. Movies, dinners, clubs, parks – they just can’t compete. Our final reason is the most obvious; painting studios are just kind of perfect. Their popularity is spreading like wild fire and it’s really easy to see why. So, please, don’t finish reading this and enjoy the casual thought of visiting a painting studio someday, and instead just treat yourself right now. We know that once you put paint to your first canvas, you’ll be hooked.

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