Top 10 Biggest Companies in Rhode Island

Top 10 Biggest Companies in Rhode Island

Working for the Biggest Companies in Rhode Island is a dream come true for most residents. These companies usually guarantee better pay, job security, and offer better working conditions.

Whether you’re looking for a job in the education sector, construction industry, or even the health care industry, there’s always the right company for you in Rhode Island. To help you learn more about your options, we have discussed the top 10 companies in Rhode Island, including the industry they operate, the number of employees, and the average salaries to expect.

1. CVS Health

CVS Health is an American health innovation company with its headquarters in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. This company operates in the health care retail industry and provides a number of services to its clients and patients, including pharmacy services as well as health and wellness services.

CVS Health Corporation is an industry leader with a total of 300,000 staff members from diverse demographic backgrounds. Of these, 62.4% are female while 42.5% come from minority ethnic groups.

The health care giant has annual revenue of about $194.6B and the average salary for its employees is $45, 296 per year. The corporation operates across all states in the US.

2. Textron

Textron Inc. is a multi-industry American company situated in Providence, Rhode Island. The company is popular for its brands, such as Bell, Beechcraft, Arctic Cat, and Textron Aviation. Textron produces a myriad of highly engineered products across these segments. These products fall under turf care, aerospace and defense, fuel systems, and specialized vehicles.

Currently, the company has a little over 37,000 employees worldwide, sourced from diverse backgrounds. Females make up 28.3% of this number, while ethnic minorities constitute 35.7% of the employees. The company makes annual revenue of 13.4B, with the majority of the employees, earning an average salary of $73,247 per year.

Textron has a global reach, with operations in more than 25 countries worldwide. The company continues to acquire more businesses and looks to expand its facilities and operations to more countries in the next few years.

3. Citizens Financial Group

Citizens Financial Group, Inc. is one of the largest American Banks. It has its headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island. The bank has several branches across the US, in states like New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Among the services offered by Citizen Financial Group, include deposits, auto financing, student and business loans, and investment services, among others.

The company happens to be one of the biggest companies in Rhode Island operating in the financial sector. It boasts of around 18,100 employees, with 44.5% being female and ethnic minorities making up 35% of the employee population. Citizens Financial Group has revenue of $5.3B per annum, with each employee taking home an average salary of $80,535 per year.

4. Lifespan Finance

Lifespan Finance is a private non-profit health system found in South Providence, Rhode Island. It works in partnership with other hospitals to provide several services, such as psychiatric services for children, community behavioral health care, acts as a teaching hospital for research, and providing primary care-driven medical practice.

Presently, Lifespan Finance has 16,046 employees and revenue of $5.5B per year. About 67% of the company’s employees are female while those from ethnic minorities make up 34.8%. Most of the employees at Lifespan Finance make an average of $51,444 per year.

5. Nortek

Nortek is among the biggest and oldest companies in Providence, Rhode Island. The company plays a key role in the Manufacturing industry and is popular for building high-quality HVAC systems for both commercial and residential use.

With a total of 11,400 employees and revenue of $790.4M per annum, Nortek happens to be one of the biggest companies in Rhode Island. The average yearly salary for employers is $48,131, which is a highly competitive salary when compared to its competitors.

The HVAV manufacturing company has facilities in local and global cities, such as Monterrey, MX, Brierley Hill, UK, Menen, Belgium, and Miribel, France, among others.

6. United Natural Foods

United Natural Foods Inc. is a company that distributes natural and organic foods throughout the US and Canada. The company also referred to as UNFI, operates in the grocery store industry and supplies its products to natural food stores and Whole Food Markets.

UNFI has a total of 9,700 staff members from the two countries where it operates. Of these, 28.6% are female whereas 36.7% of the total employees come from ethnic minorities. Currently, employees at United Natural Foods earn a yearly average salary of $37,911. The company on its part has total revenue of $8.2B per year.

The company has stores across major cities such as Aurora, CO, Iowa City, IA, and Greenwood, IN, among others.

7. NTK Holdings

Yet another company located in Providence, Rhode Island. NTK Holdings makes and sells raw materials used in new construction and remodeling projects for both commercial and residential buildings.

NTK Holdings is among the biggest companies in Rhode Island serving the construction industry. It has almost 8,800 employees, 16.7% of them being alumni of Purdue University.

The company has branches across different countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and many others.

8. Brown University

Brown is one of the top universities in Providence, Rhode Island, and the world over. This private Ivy League research university is among the biggest companies in the education industry in Rhode Island. It has 8,010 staff members and annual revenue of $5.5B.

9. Rhode Island Hospital

Yet another top non-profit hospital found in South Providence, Rhode Island. The hospital offers several programs to customers, such as stroke treatment and diagnosis, cardiac care, and cancer care, among other services.

Rhode Island Hospital is a key employer in the health care industry, as it has 7,274 staff members. The hospital has revenue of $5.5B and its employees take home an average income of $44,115 per year. What’s interesting about the organization is its employee composition, as it has 71.3% female employees.


GTECH, which was previously called GTECH Corporation, is a gaming tech company located in Providence, Rhode Island. The company operates in the lotteries and online gambling industry.

Currently, GTECH has 5900 employees working throughout the United States. About 33.2% of these employees are female and 39.6% of the total staff comes from ethnic minorities. The employees take home an average salary of $62,811 per year, while the company generates revenue of $506.7M.


With the list above, it’s now easier to find the biggest companies in Rhode Island that you can work for. Evidently, the health care industry has some of the biggest employers. Therefore, if you’re interested in working for companies in the healthcare realm, you’re likely to have more options.


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