Voice Transcription Services

In this age of rapidly changing media, voice transcription services transcription is needed more than ever. Each day, the vast majority of people watch at least one YouTube video or a video for work or school. In most of these videos, there are at least a few people speaking. In many of the videos that people watch on a daily basis, they can understand the people who are speaking without any problem.

However, many people run into issues when the speaker mumbles, deals with some sort of speech impediment or talks unintelligibly for any number of reasons. As busy adults, people want to watch their chosen videos and then go on with their day. People don’t want to constantly rewind the video to try to figure out what the speaker or actor is trying to communicate. They want to hear what the speaker is saying. Viewers can’t learn from the videos that they watch if they can’t understand what the people are saying.

This transcription service transcribes videos for different types of clients. Transcription service companies are those that hire transcribers to watch videos and painstakingly write down every word, every utterance, and even every sound that every single speaker in a video makes. The client gives us a video and the transcribers will work to give the client a script that is correct, flows well, and captures the spirit of the exchange in the video.

People might think that any person who is at least somewhat detail-oriented can work as a transcriber. This is definitely not the case. Transcribing videos involves more than listening to a sentence, writing down the aforementioned sentence, and going on to the next until the video is done. Transcribers also have to follow a strict set of guidelines that dictate how the actual transcription will appear on the screen. They also must listen extremely closely to video speech for what could be long periods of time. While transcription work is difficult, that’s what makes the end result so valuable to clients. At the end, all clients get pristine transcription work that flows at the rate of human speech.

Who Uses Our Voice Transcription Services Transcription Services?

  • Clients who want to transcribe their media so that their deaf and hard-of-hearing customers can also watch the video
  • Professional speakers who want to put their speeches on a video-sharing website like YouTube
  • Filmmakers
  • Professors
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