Top 10 Most Expensive Colognes

The sense of smell is often overlooked, but it is, scientifically, the most intertwined with emotions and memories. Scents trigger instant recognition beyond words, and most of the time already sets the scene long before the eyes and ears can paint a solid picture of what’s going on. The importance of scent in creating and retaining good first impressions doesn’t stray from this principle, even going as far as giving their wearers a boost in confidence, a change in mood, and sometimes even a magnetic effect on the opposite sex. Most men also want to bring out parts of their personality with the scents they choose to wear, like a signature scent that differentiates one out of the many in a crowded room. This is why finding the right fragrance can be daunting for men, especially since not everyone knows where to start. Thankfully, this list contains ten of the most popular colognes for men in 2021, which aims to help readers with their scent-scouting dilemma.


Nights Veils Sellier by Byredo

Starting off the list with the manly scent of tobacco and leather, Byredo’s Nights Veils Sellier gives a smokey vibe in a highly concentrated bottle of essence, sure to provide a long-lasting scent through the roughest gallops of the day. It immediately gives off the scent of an antique equestrian smoking lounge, giving its bearers a unique grit taken from memories of old pastimes.

1 Million Lucky by Paco Rabanne

A favorite of many since its release in 2008, 1 Million Lucky emanates a nutty yet tarty scent-- nothing too serious-- perfect for fun-loving partygoers. Additional notes of spice, leather, and amber make this scent sweet and fresh, yet it gets sexier every whiff. Great for an unplanned adventure with friends, or for a spontaneous date night.

Creed Aventus by Creed

Another favorite due to its popularity with celebrities, Creed Aventus is a scent made for men who like taking control and being decisive leaders. It is, after all, inspired by the life story of Emperor Napoleon, a man driven towards success and celebrating strength. Aventus’ reputation in terms of scent earns it a consistent spot of being one of the benchmarks of men’s fragrances around the world. It is a scent that turns heads, making its presence known; with fruity notes of blackcurrant, pineapple, apple, and bergamot, all brought together with a smoky and woody overlay, it is difficult not to ignore. A modern classic that brims with energy-- for the proactive man.

Eternity Summer for Men by Calvin Klein

The Eternity series of Calvin Klein was created as a tribute to his marriage, celebrating the timelessness of romance and intimacy. Eternity Summer for Men upholds the same vision, with a theme reminiscent of island honeymoons and kisses by the beach. Coconut nectar gives the carefree and soothing vibe of the beach, while notes of star anise and saffron contribute to an added oriental spice. This scent is perfect for anyone going for that romantic surfer flavor, which is pretty fun and attractive when used for casual afternoons out.

Mr. Burberry by Burberry

For sharp, fashionable, and, perhaps, sensual individuals, Mr. Burberry adds in a touch of British class to even the most dastardly routine of days. Its strong and spicy notes make it perfect for cold mornings that require multiple layers of clothing. Its smooth presence is always felt, and with stimulating ingredients such as vetiver and grapefruit, it is a scent that tends to be attractive to the opposite sex, making it a go-to scent for date nights.

Sauvage by Christian Dior

With playful notes mixed with masculine ones that top off the overall scent with woody and musky tones, Christian Dior’s Sauvage is sure to rake in the compliments from any crowd. Italian bergamot and Sichuan pepper lend a lasting strength to such a raw and sensual accompaniment to the contemporary and poetic man.

Infinite by Hugo Boss

Get a bit of mandarin, apple, and cinnamon, mix them in with some lavender and sandalwood, and you have Infinite, by Hugo Boss. These energetic and bright notes are great for those who want to smell fresh and ready for action-- or for those who want to inject a bit of zing into dreary and repetitive activities. Especially great for sweaty, summer days, or for days that require a lot of physical activity.

Pour Homme by Lacoste

The ideal perfume for a man of any age, Lacoste’s Pour Homme boasts of vanilla bean base notes, topped with grapefruit and plum, with some cinnamon and juniper berry in the mix. There is even a hint of rum to it, yet it still smells more fruity and sweet-- not too light, not too heavy. Just right for the most casual of days.

Seductive Homme Blue by Guess

Claimed to be one of women’s favourite men’s colognes due to the sensuality of its scent, Seductive Homme Blue smells like luxury intertwined with romance, as its citrus notes mixed with cardamom and black pepper, plus the rich scent of cashmere wood leaves people wanting more. Perfect for formal gatherings and long nights out, but is versatile enough to be used as an everyday cologne.

Black by Kenneth Cole

Last but not the least, Kenneth Cole’s Black is a mixture of mint and mandarin, with a bit of ginger and black suede, for an exhilarating yet sleek flavor. This scent is a surprisingly budget-friendly fragrance that can keep anyone smelling sophisticated and fresh. Ideal for those living in smoky cities, this perfume is bound to keep its wearers smelling crisp for hours on end.

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