Speech Transcription Services

Creating a written record of spoken word can serve a multitude of purposes. Video is a great example. From cell phones to WebCams to all manner of digital video, so much of life today is captured live as it happens. Transcription grants access to the words behind a video message.

A transcription service can take whatever audio source you have and quickly deliver word-for-word text. Professional transcribers are experts at capturing exactly what was said in any program containing audio. When multiple speakers are conversing, the transcription will contain an accurate record of exactly what each person said. It captures the natural way that people speak, so that the written copy has an easy flow that readers instinctively connect with.

Who Uses Our Online Transcription Services

Intelligent Content Marketing: For marketing professionals that use an “intelligent content” model, transcription can open up your entire multimedia library and transform it into reusable modular text. Nuggets from your spontaneous content, such as live events and webinars, are now available in written form, able to be catalogued and served up any way you wish.

Podcasts: Podcasts are a perfect vehicle for this service. Since podcast episodes can remain on the Internet indefinitely, accompanying text can be great for regular listeners and invaluable for SEO visibility. Anyone who’s interested in your topic can find it in a search engine if it’s transcribed, but without transcription, only the title and summary text are available for searching. Accompanying text also increases the authority of the podcast’s presence.

Online Education Course Materials: Online educators that use video presentations and webinars as teaching tools can benefit enormously from having presentations transcribed. Creating written course material based on online presentations provides students with a more robust and integrated curriculum.

Archiving Historic Audiovisual Materials: Established organizations that have a backlog of aging analog media – videotapes, cassette recordings and even old movie reels – can breathe new life into those classic recordings. As well as archiving to digital media, transcription allows the company to document what ancestors and predecessors were saying. The timeless wisdom in those classic recordings can be published, repackaged or re-recorded any way they wish.

From lectures and interviews to debates and beyond, transcription provides an invaluable written record of spoken word media. It’s the perfect way to make audiovisual media SEO-friendly online.

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