Phone Call Transcription Services

For anyone needing telephone call transcription services, we offer this service for a small price. All you need to do is have a quality recording of any phone conversation that you want transcribed and upload it for us to work on. This is an easy and cost effective way to convert speech recorded during a telephone conversation into an electronic or written text document.

If a company records a large volume of calls, it can be hard to organize them when they are just simple audio files. Having the phone audio files transcribed gives you an easily skimmable and searchable document that can save you time that you would waste listening to multiple recordings looking for the information you need. Here is some information about the telephone call transcription services that we provide and who can benefit from using our service.

Using a telephone call transcription service can help you to rapidly and accurately get a text document containing all of the information stated during the call. You record a telephone conversation that you wish to be transcribed in as high of quality as you can and upload the file to our online transcription service. We take that file and give it to a transcriptionist who replays the audio file multiple times and types the words that they hear. The audio file can be manipulated with a filter, equalized for easier listening, or the tempo can be changed to slow down voices. When the transcription is finished, it will be uploaded back to us so we can check if the work was done correctly and then the finished text document can be returned to you for your viewing pleasure. You can then do what you want with the file.

Who Uses Our Phone Call Transcription Services?

Many different groups might make use of the telephone call transcription services that we offer.

  • Anyone who has a phone call that they recorded can use our service to make a text document featuring everything that is said during the call.
  • Businesses that work with market surveys often record these conversations and have them transcribed at a later time.
  • Transcriptions of voice mail recordings are another popular use of telephone transcription.
  • Call centers often record all of their marketing calls and have them transcribed for various purposes.
  • Businesses offering toll-free phone dictations often use text documents to organize their important calls.
  • Many businesses that record customer feedback during phone calls have this information transcribed for future reference.
  • Companies that have important conference calls will often record these meetings and use transcription services to make a document they can share with those that were not present.
  • Many businesses will record confidential telephone conversations and have them transcribed as evidence or for personal records.
  • Telephone conversations that deal with contests are recorded as proof of who won or lost and those recordings are transcribed as further evidence of the outcome.
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