Interview Transcription Service

Sometimes, interview transcription is necessary. Interviews are usually fast-paced, energetic and full of emotion. Becuase of their versatile nature, interviews can be hard to remember even from the most lively person in the world. There are times when the exact words that a person says carry a high amount of weight and are crucial to another person’s livelihood. For that reason, an organization or company may need to have professional transcriptionists capture all the words that transpired during an interview. A reliable company can do that quickly and efficiently.

Transcription services for interviews is a precise suite of services that work together to transform audio or video files into organized text sheets without changing the nature or the heart of the conversation. The transcription company has a team of skilled specialists who listen to the files diligently and transfer them to the typed form in a precise manner that aligns with popular style guides.

Companies that need transcription services can request them in various verbatim and non-verbatim formats. A verbatim transcription includes everything that the listener hears, up to and including filler words like “um,” coughs, sneezes and other sounds. Stuttering and false starts go in the document, as well. A clean verbatim file is a rendition of what the person said, but the transcriber cleans it up. Such transcriptions do not contain filler words, false starts, coughs or sounds that have nothing to do with the conversation between the people in the file.

A verbatim format may be necessary for certain medical or legal reasons. A client may desire a clean file for other reasons such as safekeeping or simply playing the file back to make a decision about something. An online transcription service will cater to the clients and provide whichever file the client requests.

Who Uses Our Interview Transcription Services?

A wide variety of industries can use transcription service. The most common request for interview transcriptions is from job interviewers. They want to have the text so that they can go over each person’s interview questions and answers. This helps them to choose the correct candidate because they can get a clear idea of the candidates’ desires, strengths, weaknesses and the like.

Other people who ask for such documents are people like counselors, court officers, insurance companies, grant writers and such people. They want to have the document on hand so that they can refer to something important in the text. For example, insurance companies may need to review the text so that they can make a decision on a car accident in terms of fault. Grant writers may need to do the same so that they can determine if the applicant has a viable plan for the grant monies. Counselors may need to study a session to help a patient or client come up with a recovery strategy.

Various parties can benefit from having an audio file converted into an online transcription. A reliable service can return the product quickly, as well.

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