Business Meeting Transcription Services

Business meeting transcription involves creating a textual archive of audio and video communications between two or more people in a business meeting. A company can choose to transcribe board meetings, seminars, conference calls, workshops, brainstorm sessions, press conferences, trade shows, presentations, interviews and any other business communication.

However, business transcription can be a time-consuming affair. Additionally, if not done by specialists, the accuracy of information may be compromised. For these reasons, it is a good idea to use a business meeting transcription service.

To use an online transcription service, simply upload audio or video recordings of meetings on their website. These recordings provide the basis for transcription into text. The transcriptionist plays them back and forth for increased accuracy. They then proofread the script before submitting it to the client. Meetings can be transcribed verbatim and also include time stamps.

Transcribing business meetings can improve productivity in several ways:

Provide archives: Transcripts help keep everyone on the same page regarding business ideas and decisions discussed at business meetings. They provide a quick but accurate textual reference point that allows reviews and follow up. The archives can also serve as a legal reference if the need arises.

Hearing impaired friendly: Transcriptions help hearing impaired employees, customers and other stakeholders read and understand the entire meeting’s communications.

Provide content variety: Transcripts of meetings make it easy to create business presentations or reports and translate the data into a variety of content including infographics, newsletters, and brochures. This allows customers, shareholders and other stakeholders to access relevant information in a variety of forms.

Improve SEO strategy: If you share business meetings and events on your website as part of content strategy, adding transcripts will boost your SEO ranking with keywords and links.

Who Uses Business Meetings Transcription Services

Almost any business that wishes to have an accurate written record of their spoken communications can benefit from an online transcription service. Some of the most common professions that regularly require business transcription include:

Lawyers. The legal fraternity requires transcription of court proceedings, client depositions and meetings, board meetings e.t.c. to for easy reference. These transcripts also serve as legal archives of their cases.

 Journalists. Press conferences, interviews, and editorial meetings all need to be recorded to preserve accuracy. Transcripts allow journalists to create meaningful content conveniently.

Marketers. Research data in the form of trade shows, brainstorms, seminars, surveys and other meetings is often in audio or video formats. Transcripts help create the basis for their research reports and marketing materials. They also help keep records of market trends for future reference.

Doctors/Psychologists/Medical Professionals.  Medical professionals sift through tons of patient data daily. They also attend medical conferences regularly. Transcription can help organize patient consultations and archive research data for reference.

Having meetings transcribed by professionally trained business transcriptionists can save a company time and money. It helps organize and archive business communications for easy reference. It also enables employees, customers and shareholders to access critical information in a variety of content formats.

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