10 Best Health Insurance Companies in Connecticut

When selecting the best health insurance companies in Connecticut, there is a number of vital factors to consider. This includes the company rating, coverage benefits, financial strength, provider choices, and plan prices.

Finding the best health insurance plan at the right company can go a long way towards protecting you from financial devastation in the event of a serious illness and covering your costs whenever you visit a hospital. Comparing plans from these top companies is the best way to find a plan and company that works best for you.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best health insurance companies in Connecticut, based on their rating.

1. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

With more than 34 million members across 14 states in the U.S., Anthem remains to be among the leading insurance companies in the country. In Connecticut alone, the company has over 1,500,000 members.

Anthem offers its customers both POS and HMO insurance plans. In addition to family and individual health insurance plans, the company provides term life, vision, and dental insurance plans.

If you’re looking for an add-on vision or dental health insurance plan, you can get all the coverage you need through Anthem!

2. Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

With over 100 million customers and 74, 000 employees across the world, Cigna is one of the top-rated health insurance companies in Connecticut. Since 1982, the insurance firm has been providing health and life insurance services to people in the United States.

Cigna offers its members PPO insurance coverage, making it easier for them to connect with healthcare providers of their choice. Among the insurance plans you can find at Cigna include:

  • Health Insurance plans
  • Medicaid and Medicare Plans
  • Dental
  • Insurance Plans for Employers

Cigna gives its members several unique benefits, including the ability to connect with care providers 24/7, receiving $0 preventive care, and getting free virtual care.

3. Oxford Health Plans, Inc.

Founded in 1984, Oxford Health Plans, Inc. remains to be one of the top-rated health insurance companies in the U.S. The company primarily operates in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York.

Oxford Health Plans primarily provides its members with HMO and POS health plans, but also offers Medicare, Medicaid, and Dental plans. Since its establishment in the ’80s, the insurance firm has grown significantly, acquiring its adversaries and increasing its members.

4. Aetna Life Insurance Company.

A constituent of Aetna International, Inc. Aetna Life Insurance Company is a firm that focuses primarily on providing employer-sponsored and group policies. These plans contain various features and options for members’ added protection.

In addition, the company offers disability insurance and underwrites some of Aetna’s health plan policies. With more than 20,000 life insurance contracts, Aetna Life Insurance Company is among the most successful companies in Connecticut, providing both PPO and EPO health plans.

This company is an ideal option when in need of supplementing your existing life insurance coverage. Aetna Life Insurance Company requires employers to pay at least 50% of the employees’ premium, making it easier and convenient for you to pay for your life insurance coverage.

5. ConnectiCare, Inc.

This is a Connecticut-based health insurance firm that provides affordable health coverage plans for individuals and families. ConnectiCare has a network comprising of over 20,000 doctors and 126 hospitals, making it easier to find the best doctors and quality care services

The company provides its members with HMO and PPO plans. Unlike other insurance firms in the area, ConnectiCare gives its members outstanding plans with some of the best lucrative features. For instance, some of ConnectiCare’s health insurance plans include coverage for vision and dental exams and services.

Also, its plans cover free preventive services, including annual checkups and vaccinations.

6. HPHC Insurance Company, Inc

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC) is a non-profit company established in 1969. This health benefits provider offers its services to residents of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

HPHC has more than 1.3 million members enrolled in various plans, including PPO, HMO, POS, and government plans.

The company provides its members with a national and regional network of physicians and facilities, which improve access to care. The network is believed to have more than 53,000 doctors and 179 hospitals.

HPHC also partners with UnitedHealthcare to offer multi-state employers PPO and Choice Plus plans.

7. United Healthcare Service, Inc.

Located in Hartford, CT, United States, United Healthcare Service, Inc is among the best health insurance companies in Connecticut. With over 30,000 employees countrywide, this firm is among the most successful companies in the country, generating over 1.41 billion dollars in sales.

United Healthcare Services, Inc is part of the Life Insurance Carriers Industry that provides members with a wide range of health plans, including life insurance, PPO, Medicare, Medicaid, as well as accident and health insurance.

8. HealthyCt

HealthyCt is a non-profit health insurance company based in Connecticut. The insurance firm provides its members with a wide range of plans for employers, families, and individuals. All HealthyCt plans include 100% coverage for preventing care, including bloodwork, vaccinations, and routine check-ups.

HealthyCt plans encompass PPO coverage with over 12 coverage tiers in Connecticut. This ensures every member can get a plan that fits their budget. Also, with HealthyCt, you can get a plan with a deductible of as low as $1,000 for individuals.

9. Humana

If you’re looking for an affordable insurance plan, Humana is the company for you! The company is regarded as one of the best health insurance companies in Connecticut, thanks to its cheap families and individual health plans.

Humana provides its members with an “extra” affordable vision and dental coverage. For as low as $19 and $16, you can get dental plans and vision plans respectively.

The firm’s dental insurance plans allow you to be deducted as less as $50 for individuals. On the other hand, Humana’s vision insurance plan includes a $150 allowance for contacts or frames.

10. American Postal Workers Union Health Plan

American Postal Workers Union Health Plan is a health insurance company that operates in several areas in the U.S. The company provides its members with the PPO type of health plan.

Due to its extensive coverage, it has thousands of employees across the country. The plan has two major health care options for federal and postal employees. Among other things, the plan covers pharmacy, dental and healthy pregnancy.


Health insurance is indeed worth the cost. Even the most careful individuals get sick or injured. Having health insurance helps you cover your medical bills without having to worry about becoming broke. However, knowing the best health insurance companies is crucial to saving you the cost of investing in something you don’t need.

We have reviewed and selected the top-rated health insurance companies in Connecticut based on customer ratings, health insurance plans, and plan prices. Also, we considered additional features offered by the health insurance companies.

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