Videotaped Event Transcription Services

Some events are so noteworthy and important that they are videotaped and preserved for years or even decades, and videotaped event transcription services can benefit you in these cases. These critical events may include everything from keynote speeches at seminars and conferences to political speeches, motivational speeches and much more. With these events, it is often not enough for the speech to be recorded. You may also want or need to obtain a written record of the event. While you or your staff members could transcribe the video, a more cost-effective solution is to allow the experts to do the work for you. After all, transcribing even a short video may take you or your team many frustrating hours to complete through your own unskilled effort. Professional transcription services can easily give you a written document showing what was said at a recent noteworthy event.

A video transcription service is similar to audiotaped transcription services. First, you will locate a skilled, experienced transcriptionist to work with. Then, you will provide the individual with a video recording of the event. When you select the right professional to do the job for you, this individual will type every word on the video accurately and in a timely manner into a detailed and properly formatted document. Transcription is more difficult and time-consuming than it might seem, but a true professional can make light work of this task while giving you accurate results. Depending on the length of the video as well as the transcriptionist’s workload at the time of submission, you may expect to receive the transcription document within a few days or less in most cases.

Who Uses Our Online Transcription Services

This is a unique service, and you may be wondering who would benefit most from it. There are several instances when this type of service may be in high demand.

Political Speeches: Politicians often make monumental statements that can impact a society for years. These may be speeches that ask voters for their support, that sway fellow politicians to vote in favor of a bill and more. Some of these speech experts may find their way into school textbooks and other historical documents at a later date.

Conferences and Seminars: Regardless of the field you work in, you may attend numerous conferences and seminars. At these events, there may be one or several important speakers who talk about critical topics. These speeches are often recorded, and they may be transcribed for use in industry publications, on websites and more.

Motivational Speakers: Motivational speeches are usually recorded as well. The videos may make their way online for others to download and view. However, the speeches may be used in books, magazines and other publications.

Historical Events: There are numerous instances of historical events being recorded and later transcribed. For example, the monumental moon landing, the request to tear down the Berlin Wall, the September 11 tragedy and more all have transcribed videos of them.

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