Audio Transcription Services

Many companies and individuals can benefit from the transcription services that are provided by our company. If you have audio files that have been recorded and you need them to be typed up for reference, we offer exactly the kind of service that you need. Here is a detailed description of the services we provide and who can benefit from those services the most.

The transcription services that we provide is an easy way to convert audio files containing spoken words to a document that allows for easier viewing and scanning. We convert recorded speech. All you need to have a file transcribed is submit a quality audio file that you need a transcription of and we will quickly and efficiently produce a document containing everything that is said.

This can help make your audio content more visible in search engines and give you a document that you can search for specific keywords. Make sure that you record your audio with the least amount of background noise and in the clearest voice possible. This will help the transcriber complete the job with better results.

If your speaker has a strong accent or speaks in another language a good transcription is still very possible. Many companies hire individuals who excel in the ability to understand certain accents and can transcribe from other languages completely. Be prepared to pay more if you want the audio file transcribed more quickly.

Time codes can be added to your transcription to help you navigate the audio file associated with the translation. Multiple speakers is another thing that can slightly raise the cost or your transcription.

Security is something that we pride ourselves in when transcribing audio samples for professionals that contain sensitive data. We follow the industry best practice to keep your data safe and secure. This is perfect for transcribing audio files for law firms, courts, government agencies, and those in the medical field.

Who Uses Our Audio Transcription Services?

Many different businesses can benefit from our transcription services. Those in the medical industry can record their ideas to an audio file quickly and easily. They can then upload those audio files to our website to get a written text document of what they had to say.

Those in the legal field can take a recording of court proceedings and use a transcription service to provide an accurate record of what was said in a hearing. Businesses can also use a transcription service for creating a written document that accurately portrays what was said during important phone conversations.

Writers can benefit from this service by recording their ideas to an audio file and, instead of typing up everything themselves, use our service to save them time and energy. Students use our service to create a document from a recording of an important class so they can focus on the lecture while in class.

Our online transcription service is great for recordings of interviews, research, speeches, lectures, inventories, meetings, seminars, talks, voice-mails, reports, thesis, manuscripts, legal recordings, and focus groups just to name a few.

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