Academic Transcription Services

Academic transcription service has become an increasingly necessary part of the lives of students, lecturers, and researchers. While typing out notes manually has historically been a part of academia, smart academics have realized that for a fraction of the time and with higher accuracy, professional transcription services offer a great tool that allows them to focus their energies on more important aspects of their study.

Academics have recorded audio files of lectures and interviews for a long time. However, the average user will need to stop, rewind, and replay those audio files endlessly in order to capture a text transcript. Our professional equipment and employees allow us to much more effectively and efficiently provide transcripts of audio files, saving you both time and money.

Transcribing lectures, notes and interviews could not be easier than with our online transcription services. There is no need to mail copies of files or await a transcript in return. In most cases, you can simply upload your audio file and details, and we will return your text file when the transcription is complete. We can provide your transcript far faster than you could accomplish it yourself, and can accept a wide range of audio file types.

Text files provide a convenient way to file, archive, and share the data from audio files. In many cases, these text files provide a tool for teaching, either to share with distance learning students who could not be present for the original lecture, or to provide instruction to students who are deaf. They are easily uploaded to websites in order to disseminate subject matter quickly and with tight version control.

Use Cases For Our Academic Transcription Services

Students have found our services extremely valuable. By recording lectures, they can then send us the files to transcribe to create convenient and reliable lecture notes as a study tool. Transcription also allows students who have difficulty taking notes by hand to focus more entirely on the classroom experience.

Professors utilize our academic services to document lecture material, create study guides, and provide instruction materials to deaf or hard of hearing students. They also may use our transcriptions as teaching guides for new teaching assistants or professors.

Academic researchers find our transcriptions useful to compile their hundreds of hours of field interviews and audio notes. By simply speaking into a recorder, they can begin their documentation to send to us. We produce an accurate text file that allows them to move through the phases of their research with efficiency.

Academic organizations such as clubs and honor societies use transcription services to document their meeting minutes. This allows all of their activities to be well-documented without causing one member to have the undue responsibility of keeping minutes. With a transcription service, all that they need is an audio recorder, and we take care of the rest.

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