Youtube Transcription Services

An important part of succeeding with YouTube videos is making sure that the YouTube transcriptions are taken care of. YouTube presents a great opportunity for businesses but businesses that want to succeed on the site have to do everything from building followers, creating videos, optimizing the video descriptions, video editing to marketing the videos.

The problem with transcribing YouTube videos on top of all that is that it consumes a lot of your time. This is especially the case if you’re creating a lot of videos every week. It is also an activity that doesn’t produce as good of a return on your investment for the amount of time that it requires. With a limited amount of time available, it would be better used in creating videos and marketing them.

The solution to this problem is our online transcription service. Our team will take your YouTube video and have it fully transcribed by your deadline. We make sure to focus on proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and flow so that viewers will be able to follow the content through captions and also get the text version of the content in the video descriptions.

There are many benefits of transcribing YouTube videos. First, including the full text will help with search engine rankings due to various keywords being used in a block of content. Second, adding captions/subtitles has been known to help boost ranking in both the Google and YouTube search results. Third, adding transcriptions and captions engage viewers which is a big part of succeeding with YouTube videos.

Who Uses Our YouTube Transcription Services?

Our transcription service are for many different reasons and in many different industries. Here are some examples.

Marketers that want to add captions and transcripts to improve their search and YouTube marketing campaigns. Transcription is a time consuming process for marketers, so it’s often better to outsource the task.

Businesses and organizations that need to add captions and transcripts to serve a demographic that face hearing issues (seniors and deaf viewers). Many people in this demographic are YouTube users, so it’s important to make sure that they are properly served.

Organizations that are posting educational content on YouTube and want to add captions and transcriptions to support the learning process. This allows organizations to post content that allows students to learn by reading, listening and viewing.

Media Publishers (news sites, magazines, digital communities) that want to make sure that their videos are easy to follow with captions/subtitles. Adding text on the video screen and description maximizes engagement.

To sum it up, our online transcription service can help many businesses and organizations get more out of their YouTube videos.