Video Transcription Services

For individuals looking for video online transcription services, then they are in the right place.  Transcribing video recorded lectures and meetings by hand can be time-consuming for everyone. Therefore, hiring a video transcription specialists that are trained to handle large projects is a wise thing to do.

Why Use A Video Transcription Service

They increase the Google ranking of the client – when individuals use our services, they raise the chances of other people to find their video recordings online using keyword rich word files.

It makes video recordings more accessible online – it is easier to find a written file online than the video. A transcriptionist will provide easy to find captions with the video recordings making them more accessible thus attracting more viewers.

The videos become reusable –  the clients can use the videos for other purposes like white papers, blogs, etc. after transcription.

Accurate information – We hire experienced workers who offer nothing but the best, quality is their primary objective.

Be able to transcribe large files – some large firms always find it challenging to copy files since they do a lot of video recording. However, hiring a transcription service eliminates this problem. We specialize in managing and streaming large-scale transcription files from the beginning to the end.

Fast turnaround – most transcription services have specialists in the transcription work and can deliver projects more quickly and meet deadlines 

Who uses video online transcription services?

Law firms – attorneys use video transcription services to transcribe legal investigations

Business owners – use online video transcription services to transcribe meetings, seminars, and conference calls.

Students and lecturers to copy academic lectures and serve as study guides

Video bloggers – use online video transcription services to attract traffic to their videos by making the content of the videos indexable by search engines

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