Podcast Transcription Services

There’s been an increase in demand for transcription services for podcasts. As more podcasts are created companies want text documents that are made up of everything said during these webcasts. They are frequently used to help their podcasts become more visible to search engines that are unable to translate the words that are spoken into anything that can be searched.

A podcast is not very visible when it comes to searching on a search engine for what is contained on the audio. Google is unable to know what is being said and can only see what the title is and the words that are found around the podcast. Without a transcription of the audio file, it is easy to be completely missed instead of being easily found on a search engine. If you have many podcasts that need more listeners, transcriptions of your work can help people find your page and connect with you and what you have to say.

If a company is interested in having a podcast transcribed, it is a very simple process. Simply by giving links to the podcasts or including quality audio files of them the process begins. These links or files are then given to a trained transcriber who listens to the audio file again and again. The transcriber types the words that they hear and include any extras like timestamps or the name of the person speaking. These workers can manipulate the audio file by using filters, equalizers, or by changing the tempo to hear what is being said more clearly. They type every word that is said to a document until the podcast has completed.

When the podcast is over, and they have transcribed all of the words in it, we return the text document to our customers for review. We verify that the document is of the high standards that we require and then finish the process by returning the completed text document to the person making the request.

Who Uses Our Podcast Transcription Services?

Anyone who has a podcast or a webcast can benefit from the online transcription service that we offer. The finished transcriptions are used to help increase the web traffic to your domain. Most of the companies using this type of transcription service are working to increase their sites exposure and ranking, which in turn will help to raise revenue. Clients can then save the time it would have taken for them to do the transcription themselves and can focus on other activities to promote their products. Any company that has a podcast can reinforce the impact of the content by allowing your listeners to read along as they listen. This transcribed content can also easily be converted into an eBook or other document allowing the resources to be accessed more easily.

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