Oral History Transcription Services

Transcription services have become a cost-effective and efficient way to preserve audio files of any kind as text files. While a customer’s requirements can range from a personal desire to transcribe files into a readable format all the way to legal requirements for many professions, our services provide fast and convenient transcriptions for our varied client base. Transcribing oral histories is one of the many useful tools we can provide.

Of course, oral history can refer to a broad range of data, including audio files collected by both professionals and private individuals. Often, these types of oral histories may be long, and it is difficult for our clients to direct the needed internal resources toward documenting them as text. Or, there are simply not the technological resources available in-house to play back files and capture them as text. No matter what the purpose of the recording, our transcription service will take the work off of your plate and provide you with an efficient and effective way to translate your audio files into archivable text documents.

Transcribing oral history, quite simply, means taking recorded files of individuals or groups of people relating histories or stories and turns them into text files. This is useful for archiving, as well as for creating website content that is compliant for users who are unable to hear. Many public institutions are required by law to provide their content in a format that is accessible to all abilities of its users.

Who Uses Our Oral History Transcription Services

We are very proud to support a variety of individuals, institutions and agencies with our online history transcription services.

College professors in anthropology, sociology, and other human information fields utilize transcription services in order to commit their extensive audio research files to paper. This helps them disseminate and archive information in an easier, more consistent manner.

Museums use our services to transcribe historical and modern recordings, using the transcriptions for research, displays, and even souvenir booklets that provide insight to people and history across the globe.

Families may also benefit from taking the time to interview older generations on audio recordings to have transcribed prior to family histories being lost. These can not only be a beautiful memory for families to share for future generations, but can also be important parts of memorializing a family’s religious or cultural background in a rapidly changing world. Online transcription service offers a convenient way for anyone to access professional-level transcription.  Some of our favorite clients are families wanting to have personal oral histories transcribed. Before these memories are lost, our transcription services can preserve them as text files that are easy to share.

Corporations have hired our professionals to transcribe their own oral history. From the story of founding, to the commemorative tales of long-time employees retiring, oral histories have become a part of how we tell the story of how we work.