Online Seminar Transcription Services

Online seminar transcription services help transform seminar speeches, discussions and presentations into written form. Transcripts are useful for seminar attendees who don’t want to use valuable listening and interaction time taking notes. It also helps the company or speakers holding the seminar archive their presentations for future use.

Seminars can add up to several hours of audio or video content. Attempting to transcribe this material in-house can take days, if not weeks. A professional subscription service, therefore, provides a convenient solution for fast and accurate transcription of seminar material.

To get seminars transcribed online, the client uploads audio files onto the transcription website. These files are converted into written format by a team of well-trained seminar transcriptionists. The scripts are edited and proofread for accuracy. Having a team ensures fast turnarounds times on orders.

Uses of Online Seminar Transcription Services

Provide Reference Notes: People attending seminars may not be in a position to take comprehensive notes and participate actively at the same time. Seminar transcripts can be a convenient resource for detailed reference notes.

Update Absentees: Transcripts provide an alternative resource for clients, students or interested parties who missed a seminar. Reading them saves hours of watching or listening to seminar footage and allows them to skim through relevant sections.

Provide Content Variety: Seminar transcripts can be repurposed into different information resources such as e-books and online courses. Providing the target audience with options of how to access or consume information helps increase its reach.

Aid Quality Review: Speakers can use transcripts to assess their presentations for quality purposes. Transcripts enable presenters to identify whether their core messages were communicated effectively and whether they resonate with other content they put across on websites, books, e.t.c.

Who Uses Our Online Transcription Services

Students: When attending lectures, seminars and online classes, students often record the proceedings for transcription. That ensures they don’t forget any important details in their notes and allows them to listen more attentively.

Motivational Speakers: Speakers who provide teaching seminars and workshops use online transcription services to archive their talks. This written content is often fresh and comes in handy when creating other resources such as books. Additionally, reviewing their transcripts helps them improve the quality of their presentations.

Companies: Businesses often provide training seminars for their employees. Transcripts of these seminars are provided to the attendees as reference notes. They may also be used to train other employees who were not in attendance which saves the company resources. Seminar transcripts can also serve as guidelines for policy and strategy making in the company.

Churches/Religious Institutions: A variety of seminars are held in churches and other religious institutions regularly. Sermons and speeches are usually made available on audio or video copies. Some churches use online transcription to provide written versions of these seminars which can be downloaded online. Again, the content can be useful for crafting future sermons, newsletters, and other learning tools.

Expert transcription services can help add value to seminar attendees and presenters. They provide an organized, detailed archive of seminar presentations that can be used for reference and also create other training resources.

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