Focus Group Interview Transcription Services

If a company is working with a tight turnaround and need an efficient way to analyze interviews with focus groups, online transcription services can save time and effort. Most companies likely have a video of your focus groups, but having to watch the video and rewind to get to certain points, especially when there is a need to efficiently use the focus group feedback for an ad campaign or other venture, is extremely inefficient.

Similarly, transcribing takes time and effort. This is where transcription services come in. By hiring someone to create a transcript of the focus group’s audio or video file, the company will be able to use this transcript when engaging with the group’s feedback.

Using this service is simple. Once a company has found an agent to do so, they simply send along the file that needs to be transcribed. The person or agency transcribing can explain which file types are acceptable. Then, this person will watch the video or listen to the audio file sent and create a written transcript. Then, this transcript is sent back to the company, who can use it to more easily and efficiently examine focus group feedback, mark important points, and more. This service allows company members to more quickly turn to key points in interviews, and it also allows them to highlight or otherwise mark feedback that they would like to address in more detail.

Who Uses Our Online Transcription Services?

There are many situations in which a company or individual might need to use transcription services for focus groups.

Advertising and media.  One is a company creating advertisements. Since ads are generally run by focus groups before being used, a given company would need an efficient way to review focus group feedback and make changes based on that feedback.

Politics and political speeches.  Another situation in which these services can help is if a politician is running for office. It may be helpful to have a focus group review of a politician’s speech, general manner, and more. Because appeal to different types of people is a key point in running for office, it is vitally important to look at how focus group participants of different backgrounds react to a candidate. Transcribing their reactions allows for the campaign team to review feedback and advise the candidate accordingly.

Web design companies.  Transcribing focus group feedback is helpful for web design companies who may want to know a group of people’s experience with and opinions on a given website or application. Often, when people talk in groups about apps, it becomes easy to see what they like about a given app and what they dislike. Having these genuine responses transcribed makes them much easier to reflect on, and to then use these changes to improve the site or app.

Evaluating opening credits or theme songs for TV shows and movies. Since the opening is important in terms of attracting viewers, hearing people talk amongst themselves about the show’s opening provides valuable feedback. And since that feedback needs to be reviewed by many people in the production company, having it transcribed gives everyone a clearer picture of the different opinions offered.