Customer Service Call Transcription Services

Online transcription service for customer service calls can be used for many reasons throughout the customer support environment. Call centers in any industries need clear, precise call transcriptions to inspect the quality of work from their front-line representatives. Transcripts may be used in training, coaching and development to help ensure consistent, quality interactions on all calls. Transcriptions can be used with any types of calls including sales, customer service, technical support, or collections. Essentially, any interaction between an agent and a customer can provide valuable detail via transcript.

Transcription is the process of taking a recording and translating it into a written format. When applied to customer service calls, the transcription will include the full content from the call opening, through triage or troubleshooting, issue resolution, and call closing. In a customer service environment, it can be very time consuming and costly to try to play calls back for analysis. Using a written transcript is far more efficient. Additionally, there’s no better way to capture the voice of the customer than having an accurate, documented transcript of the call.

Who Uses Our Online Transcription Service

There are many different roles within contact centers that make use of call transcription.

Instructional Designers. Training departments often create scenario-based scripts to use during training. Obviously, there’s no better content than actual customer service calls. In a trouble resolution environment, specific customer issues can be presented for troubleshooting sequences. Transcriptions are also extremely useful for building decision trees to help during the triage process. In a sales environment, transcripts of customer questions or objections can be used to help new agents become more comfortable with their responses.

Supervisors and Coaches. Coaching and development is one of the most important roles of a contact center supervisor. Supervisors and coaches are encouraged to meet with their teams in one-on-one meetings as well as team huddles, and feedback on call transactions is a big part of the feedback. Especially in a group setting, playing calls can be cumbersome or even inappropriate. With transcribed calls, feedback can be shared objectively one on one or in a group.

Quality Assurance Teams. Calls are monitored regularly in contact centers for training, development, and legal compliance. Whether the objective is to provide qualitative feedback or quantitative analysis, transcription can make the task easier. Call transcripts can be reviewed for accuracy, empathy, and adherence with ease and efficiency.

Customer Advocates. There’s no better use for call transcripts than to help identify and understand the voice of the customer. Data mined from call transcripts can be used to quantify call drivers or complete root cause analysis. Transcripts can be cataloged to help isolate high customer effort issues or potential churn impacts. They can also be reviewed to identify behaviors that drive up customer satisfaction and net promoter scores.

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