Top 10 Biggest Companies in Vermont

Most people would love to work for the biggest companies in Vermont. Why Vermont? The country is a favorite for many, thanks to its reputation as one of the safest States in the Country.

Besides the low crime rates, this Green Mountain State has a lot to offer. It has vibrant cities, unique attractions, and fun activities to engage in for both singles and people with families.

If you’re considering living and working in Vermont, there are many big companies you can work for that offer great pay and good working conditions. Below are the top 10 Biggest Companies you might consider when you move to Vermont.

1. UVM Medical Center – Dermatology

University of Vermont Medical Center-Dermatology is an affiliate of the University of Vermont that offers therapy for skin, nails, and hair problems. The facility is based in Burlington, Vermont.

This academic medical center serves as a regional and community center, serving about a million Vermont and Northern New York residents. Due to its large size and the extensive area it serves, UVM Medical Center – Dermatology is one of the biggest companies in Vermont, employing about 8711 people.

Employees at this company make an average of $41,559 per year, which is slightly lower compared with what other companies operating in the health care industry pay.

2. University of Vermont

The University of Vermont is a Burlington-based public research university. It ranks among the biggest educational institutions in Vermont, with a total population of over 12,000 students. The university offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs.

UVM is currently the biggest employer in the Educational Industry in the state. It employs a total of 5300 staff, with the average employee making $49,323 per year. This salary is within the industry average but still low compared to what its close competitors pay. UVM generates annual revenue of not less than $5.5B per year.

3. State of Vermont

The State of Vermont has its headquarters based in Montpelier. It provides several services to residents, which include education, health care, highway building and maintenance, and police protection, among others.

With a total of 5000 staff, and each employee taking home an average salary of $55,931 per year, the State of Vermont remains to be one of the best employers in Vermont. The state collects annual revenue of $3.08B.

4. IDX Systems

Formerly a healthcare information company with its headquarters in South Burlington, Vermont, IDX Systems was later acquired and incorporated into General Electric Healthcare. This corporation is a leader in the IT industry, creating powerful tools that assist the medical fraternity with recording patient data, creating bills, and planning appointments.

The company employs 2409 people across different locations in Vermont. Male employees take a lion share of the number of employees, making up 72.2% of the total staff members. The employees earn an average salary of $83,468 per year, while the company generates $187.58 million in revenues.

5. Bruegger’s Enterprises

Bruegger’s Enterprises is a subsidiary of JAB Holding Company, a corporation based in Luxembourg that deals with consumer goods, coffee, and fast food. This enterprise is one of the biggest companies in Vermont, popular for its bagels, bread, and signature sandwiches.

Despite operating in the highly competitive foodservice industry, Bruegger’s Enterprises still remains one of the most profitable companies, generating an annual revenue of $304.0M. It’s also one of the key players in Vermont’s economy creating jobs for 2400 people, the majority being graduates from Johnson & Wales University. Bruegger’s Enterprises pays its employees low salaries compared to its competitors, with each employer making $35,000 per year. This salary is also lower than the national average.

6. Casella Waste Systems

Founded in 1975, Casella Waste Systems is a waste management company located in Rutland, Vermont. The company operates in the Utilities Industry, providing solid waste collection, disposal, and recycling services to Vermont residents.

Castella Waste Systems has employed over 2,300 people, the majority being graduates from the Community College of Vermont. Employees at the company make an average of $44,417 per year, while the company generates $582.7M in revenue every year.


GlobalFoundries is one of the top semiconductor manufacturing companies in Vermont. The company’s headquarters are based in Essex Junction, Vermont, but it has a global manufacturing network.

With a task force of 2300 staff, GlobalFoundries is the top employer among companies operating in the Manufacturing industry in Vermont. The organization generates revenues of $5.5B and pays its employees an average salary of$93,000 annually, making it one of the best companies to work for.

8. Jay Peak Resort

One of the best ski resorts in Vermont is Jay Peak Resort. While it is predominantly in Jay, Vermont, part of the resort extends into Westfield town, Vermont. The place offers skiing and riding activities that you can engage in throughout the year, such as snowfall, trails, and lifts.

Jay Peak resort is one of the top companies in the Ski resort industry. It has the fifth largest vertical drop in Vermont, and its 355 inches of snowfall is the biggest annual average of all ski areas in Eastern North America.

The facility makes average revenue of $140M per annum. It has employed 2000 staff members from the region, earning an average of $50988 per year.

9. Killington Grand Resort

Regarded as the ‘Beast of the East’ of 2013, Killington Grand Resort is a ski resort found in Killington, Vermont. This mountain resort & Ski area doubles up as the largest ski area in the eastern U.S and the biggest vertical drop in New England, thanks to its 3050 feet height.

Killington Grand Resort employs a considerable number of people in the Ski resort industry. Currently, it has 2000 employees, the majority of whom are alumni of Green Mountain College. These employees earn an average of $30,860 per year.

This company generates revenue of not less than $21.0M per year, making it one of the biggest companies in Vermont and a key player in the economy.

10. Howard Center For Human Svc

Howard Center For Human Svc is an organization that specializes in providing services that support people with mental health issues, development needs, and substance use. The organization is based in Burlington, Vermont, and assists children and adults primarily in Chittenden County and across the State of Vermont.

As of 2015, the center had more than 1500 employees serving more than 16,000 people. Howard Center For Human Svc generates revenues of $105.6M annually, most of which pays salaries. While it is not a top earner in the Mental Industry, Howard Center pays its employees a decent average salary of $49273 per year.


Vermont has everything that you need in terms of big companies that can drive your career growth. Whether you are in the healthcare or manufacturing industry, there are so many big companies for you, that you can be spoilt for choices.

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